Eric Coryer

Mens 3 Competitor Eric Coryer began waterskiing in his native upstate New York when he was 8 years old. He had aspirations to master the slalom course, trick skiing and ski jumping but during a trip to the Benzel Ski School when he was 12, he tried barefooting for the first time and put the sticks away for good.

Eric has been a consistent top 10 national competitor in Mens 3 both the Southern Region and nationally, capturing a Bronze medal in tricks Nationals in 2005. He was also a Southern Region Representative for the American Barefoot Club’s Board of Directors from 2003-2006

Eric lives in Gainesville, Georgia with wife Heather and sons Michael (6) and Nathan (4). He spends most summer mornings on Lake Lanier perfecting his favorite tricks: front to back surface turn, toe up and back toe holds behind his slick 2003 Sanger.

Eric’s barefooting heroes are Banana George Blair and Jim Boyette and hopes that he too will be barefooting into his 80′s and 90′s. Keith St. Onge is Eric’s favorite coach and Eric’s favorite trick is the front to back surface turn but he also enjoys toe ups and back toe holds.

Eric has some lofty goals for 2010 including mastering all four surface turns. But his biggest goal is to win the Mens 3 National Overall Title with scores of 2710 in tricks, 15 in wake slalom and 45 feet in jump.


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