Chris Wakefield

Wakeboy” 2012 Mens 3 National Tricks Champion, 2012 Barefoot World Championship Competitor

Chris started waterskiing at age 14 at Carters Lake with his dad George Wakefield. And started barefooting at age 16, at Lake Weiss, Alabama. Chris wanted to be cool so he taught himself to barefoot off a Skibob.

Chris likes the tricks event because it looks the most extreme! And the line front is his favorite trick. His favorite place to ski is up the Chestatee River in Lake Lanier… in the barefoot lounge. But he also enjoys Spring Lake.
His barefoot heroes are Banana George Blair and Al Posada. His favorite coach is Scott Gray. And he also gives kudos to his personal trainer Dr. Keith Miller.


2012 Barefoot Nationals Mens 3 Tricks Champion

2012 Barefoot Nationals Mens 3 Silver Medalist
2005 Barefoot Nationals Mens 2 Bronze Medalist
2005 Southern Regional Mens 2 Overall Champion
2004 Barefoot Nationals Mens 2 Silver Medalist
2004 Southern Regional Mens 2 Overall Champion
2003 Southern Regionals Mens 2 Silver Medalist
2002 Southern Regionals Mens 2 Bronze Medalist

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